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Avril Lavigne’s anal sex with a black guy

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Avril Lavigne has long been taking out her angst and hatred on poor innocent electric guitars so it’s refreshing to see that she has found a new way to deal with all the negative aura her little punkster mind can’t seem to tame. We’ve seen her as a teenage rebel with her all that heavy emo make-up and what not. Now, witness her all grown-up as an interracial-loving slut who enjoys sucking big black cocks and taking it in the ass. Your little punkster emo kid has turned out to be an anal-loving porn star!

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Avril Lavigne Porn Pictures

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She’s angst-ridden, she’s got attitude and she’s one fired-up pop punk princess who conquered the world with her very first hit single “Sk8er Boi” which was followed by other strings of chart-topping hits by this Canadian-born feline better known as Avril Lavigne. It was during those times when the bubble gum pop craze was spreading like wildfire among the female teen bracket and Avril decided to break loose from all that and came up with her own brand of “in-your face” music which clicked with the teen masses. Let’s say that she always gets what she wants, and she doesn’t give a fuck in the world what other people say… and that includes hard-pounding sex! It’s sex, drugs and rock n’ roll baby, and Avril is getting her share of the raunchy action inside her gaping love holes and we have the pictures to prove it at Avril Lavigne Porn Pictures.

Avril Lavigne Porn Pictures features a different Avril Lavigne unlike anything before! You get to feast your eyes on that creamy, naked body getting some hot and serious loving from these hornbags while they drill her tight pussy and asshole with nothing but hard and angry cocks… and she just loves it! All of these porn pictures of Avril are guaranteed to feed your lurid fantasies of hardcore fucking with this superstar as you sit back and jerk your wanky anytime! So click on this link and prepare to get naughty with Avril Lavigne Porn Pictures.

New Avril Lavigne Comic Book Out

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If you’re a fan of comics and a fan of Avril Lavigne at the same time, then you probably have the two-volume “Make 5 Wishes” manga from last year. The story (written by Joshua Dysart with artwork by Camilla D’Errico) is about a lonely girl who comes across a website that will grant you five wishes. After signing up, she receives a small box with a demon inside that grants you those wishes. Avril co-stars in this graphic novel as herself, and as an imaginary version of herself acting as this girl’s playmate and conscience. Cool stuff, huh?

Well, with the two volumes done, hardcore fans and geeks alike can rejoice, because a new Avril-themed comic book is out, written by Gail Simone of Wonder Woman fame, with art by Nelson Garcia. It’s called “Avril Lavigne’s Girlfriend: Sleight of Hand… and Heart”, and this time, it’s a story inspired by our wondergirl’s hit single “Girlfriend”. It’s available only at the concert of the current Best Damn Tour or on Avril’s official website, so pick make sure you have your acid-free bags and backing boards ready when you get there!

The Best Damn Plagiarism Controversy

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The roots of this controversy may have started way back in 2004. As every Avril fan knows, she co-wrote most of the songs on “Under My Skin” with fellow Canadian Chantal Kreviazuk, best known for her extremely sappy rendition of “Leaving On A Jet Plane” from the hit “Armageddon” movie soundtrack.

In June of 2007 however, Kreviazuk was interviewed by Performing Songwriter magazine, where she was quoted as saying that Avril “doesn’t really sit and write songs by herself or anything.” She also claimed that she had “sent (Avril) a song two years ago called ‘Contagious’, and I just saw the tracklisting to this album and there’s a song called ‘Contagious’ on it – and my name’s not on it.”

This followed the filing of a suit against Avril by James Gangwer and Tommy Dunbar in May of 2007, claiming that Avril’s “Girlfriend” from her latest album “The Best Damn Thing” bore many similarities to their 1979 song “I Wanna Be Your Boyfriend”.

Well, our girl must have gotten fighting mad at both claims, because in July of that year she issued a statement that she was contemplating legal action. Well, a few days later, Kreviazuk made a full public apology and retracted the statements she made in her interview. So that was the end of that thorn in Avril’s side, but what about the 70s songwriting duo wanting a piece of the Best Damn pie?

Well, earlier this year they dropped their suit. Legal pressures or a secret settlement? We may never know, but things like this can keep on popping up in the future, like a comparison recently of Avril’s “I Don’t Have To Try” with Peaches’ “I’m The Kinda”.

Peaches however, is pleased as punch at the comparison, and Avril acknowledges that this cutting edge artist is a big influence on her music, so no flame wars there, except for the real die hard haters!

Avril In Maxim!

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There’s another reason for male fans of Avril Lavigne to rejoice. Aside from all those sexy photos of Avril on the net (and throughout this site), you can grab ahold of hot Avril pics in the March issue of men’s magazine Maxim.

They’re a lot more useful than those internet images too, because you can take them to the bathroom with you! Check out these samples from that photo shoot and start drooling…

Pregnant Or Not?

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Is our favourite rock n’ roll cutie ready to really leave her sk8rgirlhood behind and become a mom? Even the Hollywood shills E Online has been wondering why Avril was spotted buying a diaper bag.

A Canadian celebrity gossip site report recently that Avril was expecting sometime in August of this year is what really made the news, though. Canadian radio host Zack Taylor recently wrote that Sum 41 frontman and Avril husband Deryck Whibley was excitedly telling friends that he would be a father soon.

But a spokesperson for Avril, and Sum 41’s label rep, put these rumors to rest soon after the stories started circulating by releasing a statement that the power couple were definitely not expecting a child anytime soon, although Avril does want one with Whibley “sometime down the road”.

Complicated? Well, you know with Avril, things sometimes are.